Adhering to the ethos of YTL Hotels, Tanjong Jara Resort takes a proactive stance in preserving the natural beauty of its environment, safeguarding local wildlife, and nurturing environmental consciousness. The resort recognises tourism as a vital catalyst for the conservation of endangered wildlife, championing eco-friendly initiatives and promoting environmental awareness.

As part of an exclusive partnership with PULIHARA, the resort has established a longstanding turtle hatchery adjacent to the Nelayan Restaurant. Constructed with a simple yet robust wooden lattice structure, the hatchery provides guests with a view into the nesting process while ensuring the safety of the nests from potential predators.

Guests are offered the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of sea turtles, discovering the majestic creatures that inhabit our oceans, learning about the challenges they encounter, and the ongoing efforts to protect their offspring from poachers while reintegrating them into their natural marine habitat. This collaborative initiative provides informative talks and invites participation in nest inspections during the day (subject to availability), with the chance, if fortunate, to witness the mesmerising emergence of young hatchlings at night.

Moreover, an innovative nest adoption programme empowers guests to pledge their support, safeguarding a nest from poachers and preventing its potential sale in local markets as food. Participants in this program receive regular email updates featuring photographic progress reports and an exclusive invitation to revisit the resort to witness the remarkable hatching of turtle eggs.

PULIHARA, formerly known as Lang Tengah Turtle Watch, exemplifies this commitment as a non-profit organisation and recipient of the prestigious Star Golden Hearts Award in 2023. With years of unwavering dedication, PULIHARA provides invaluable expertise, volunteer support, and educational resources, facilitating the release of tens of thousands of endangered turtle hatchlings into their natural habitat.

Turtle Hatchery
Turtle Hatchery