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Culture is an integral part of the Tanjong Jara experience, and this manifests in many ways. There are a myriad of cultural experiences that guests can enjoy, providing a personal insight into the way of life in this part of South East Asia.

An important part of this experience is the unique cooking school at the Resort, which applies the wholesomeness and purity of the concept of Sucimurni. While on vacation, guests can enjoy cooking lessons which will introduce them to the creative culinary arts of the Malay, Chinese and Indian residents of the Malaysian archipelago. Cuisine from this part of the world is an adventure of tastes and flavors, and the master chefs at Tanjong Jara bring the cooking experience alive for participating guests.

Surrounding the Resort, Terengganu's natural charms and secret wonders lie waiting; a meandering river filled with wildlife; sleepy fishing villages shaded by coconut palms, and islands gleaming like jewels in the iridescent sun. You can take a cruise, trek through jungle, discover village paths on bicycle or explore the reefs off Tenggol island, one of Asia's best kept dive secrets.

Immersing oneself in nature's bounty at Tanjong Jara is recommended as there are a number of jungle walks, river cruises and nature discussions led by a resident naturalist. Just a short boat ride from the Resort, you will also have the opportunity to snorkel or dive at one of the most beautiful private islands in South East Asia.

Tanjong Jara Resort takes environmental responsibility seriously and the Resort's staff work closely with a number of organizations to ensure that the natural environment is protected, respected and kept pristine.
Snorkelling or Diving in Tenggol Island more info
Pulau Tenggol is a small island in the South China Sea off Tanjong Jara Resort, perfect for snorkeling and diving. The island forms part of the Terengganu Marine Park and is still a well-kept secret amongst the diving community. This means the reef is in almost perfect condition and, for people in the know, it is considered the best diving in Peninsular Malaysia. Pulau Tenggol and its surrounding dive sites offer unforgettable underwater experiences for beginners and exciting adventures for experienced divers. Our expert guides, dive master and our PADI dive instructor who are all accustomed to the currents, waters and tides around the island, accompany each trip.
Jara Walk with the Resort Naturalist
Our resident naturalist escorts guests on a mild and pleasant trek through the jungle perimeter of the resort. Discover many aspects of the local foliage including some of their traditional uses that are still practiced in the surrounding villages for their unique medicinal qualities.
Cooking Class with Chef Ann
Learn how to prepare typical Malaysian East Coast dishes from a culinary master. Make an appointment with our chef and learn the secrets of blending herbs and spices in a style of cooking that is now an age-old tradition.
Chemerung Waterfall Excursion with Picnic Lunch
An exhilarating hike to the base of the gigantic 200 meter Chemerung Waterfall. A breathtaking view awaits at the end of this bracing trek as crystal waters cascade down the craggy mountainside to pool in clear basins of rock below.

This excursion will not be available from 1 November and will re-commence on 1 March of every year.
Eco-adventure Marang River Cruise
Discover the beauty of the Marang River on this half-day cruise. A variety of vibrant wildlife, monkeys, iguanas, river crabs, sea eagles and exotic birds can usually be spotted amongst the vegetation on the river banks and in the mangroves.

A seven-kilometer cruise up the river takes guests to a jetty where they disembark and take a walk through a traditional Malay village. The villagers still practice ancient methods of food preparation and handicraft and this is the perfect opportunity to witness traditions that have almost been forgotten.

This excursion will not be available from 1 November and will re-commence on 1 March of every year.
Guided Bicycle Tour

Experience the daily lives of those who live on the shores of the East Coast of Malaysia with a guided tour through a local fishing village. Guests are able to have a taste of authentic Malay life by riding along the paths that weave through Dungun's fishing village, meeting the locals, drinking Kopi Kampong, sampling local snacks and genuinely discovering the area that surrounds Tanjong Jara, accompanied by a very knowledgeable and truly fascinating guide.

Batik Painting
Batik has come to be used as a generic term which refers to the process of dyeing fabric by making use of an age-old technique; covering areas of cloth with a dye-resistant substance to prevent them absorbing colors. With a technique thought to be over a thousand years old, thin wax lines are made with a Tjanting needle, a wooden handled tool with a tiny metal cup with a tiny spout, out of which the wax seeps. Here in Tanjong Jara, guests are welcome to learn the art of batik painting, a refined art from the east that has gained popularity in the western world over the past decade.
The Resort is able to make arrangements for guests to play at Tasik Puteri Golf Course in Bukit Besi, an 18 hole par 72 full buggy course with undulating hills and elevated approaches. This golf course is well known for its surroundings of lush greenery, scenic valleys and serene lakes.
Traditional Handicraft Tour
As the legacy of our past defines our present, the Resort offers a glimpse of rural village life in Malaysia. See how our heritage continues to be a source of inspiration as local artisans create traditional arts and crafts. This tour includes batik and songket weavers, mengkuang and bamboo weavers as well as a visit to a brass foundry, the Pulau Duyung Shipyard and the central market of Kuala Terengganu.

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